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Integrated 40W

                          俶 40W ἧ ẵ ͧǺê㹵 ẵẵ͹(LiFePO4) ءҹǹҹ öǺ÷ӧҹҹ Remote

Model EN-40W
Solar panel(mounted) Max. Peak Power 60W, mono-crystalline, high efficiency
Battery(built in) Type Lithium iron phosphate battery(355.2Wh LFP)
LED Lamp
(with sensor or timer setting)
Max.Power 3030 led chip 2*60units
LED chip brand Bridgelux
Lumen(lm) 4000lm
Life time 100000 hrs
Lighting angle 120°
Charging time by solar 6-10 hrs (peak sunshine)
Lighting time with sensor with 3-7 rainy days.
Remote Control Work mode: 1. ON/OFF, 2. Demo, 3. L(Light control+12 hrs), 4.T(Timing control 6 hrs). 5. U(timing + Microwave conrol). 5. M(Microwave control)
Working temp. C) -25°C ~ +65°C
Color temp. (K) 6000k-6500K(optional)
Sugggest height (m) 5-6m. (suggested mounting 60-65mm. dia.)
Suggest distance between lights (m) 20-30m.
Material Aluminium alloy
Certificate CE / ROHS / IP65
Size & wegith Lamp size 1020*385*180mm.
Lamp weigth 12.5kg.




30W ٧ 4

30W ٧ 4

30W ٧ 4



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